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Idaho Off Pavement – Overland Route

6 Days and over 700 miles of mostly unpaved forest roads from just north of Boise, Idaho to the Canadian border. For a while now I have had the idea of driving most if not […]

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Day 6 – Idaho Off Pavement

After going 200+ miles on day 5 that meant day 6 would get me to the end of this route. The day started winding along in Coeur D’ Alene National Forest on roads 412, 306 and 744.

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Day 5 – Idaho Off Pavement

Toboggan Ridge (FR 581) looks great on a map but in reality it is very overgrown with low visibility. There are some great viewpoints along the way though.

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Day 4 – Idaho Off Pavement

Day 4 began with the drive down from hungry ridge and across the South Fork of the Clearwater River. After a few minutes on highway 14 it was right back up again on FR 648 towards McComas Meadows.

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Day 3 – Idaho Off Pavement

On day 3 I continued on FR 340 over Warren Summit and into the town of Warren. Warren is sort of a living ghost town with several old abandoned buildings along side homes and businesses.

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Day 2 – Idaho Off Pavement

Day 2 began with a quick drive down to the Lick Creek Trailhead where I stopped to hike up to Lick Lake.

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Day 1 – Idaho Off Pavement

To begin the trip I left Boise and topped off with fuel in Garden Valley. A few miles to the west I headed north on FR 555 headed to Deadwood Reservoir.

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NW Coast Road Trip 2018

Section One: The Olympic Peninsula to the Oregon Border This route started near Olympia, WA. From there we took highway 101 up and around the Olympic peninsula and then on down the coast. Very little […]

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