Day 4 – Idaho Off Pavement

McComas Meadows, China Point, Elk City Wagon Road, Selway River, Lolo Motorway

Day 4 began with the drive down from hungry ridge and across the South Fork of the Clearwater River. After a few minutes on highway 14 it was right back up again on FR 648 towards McComas Meadows. Here there is a National Forest Campground oddly named “Camp 58” and a few private residences. From here the road continued up to China Point and the Elk City Wagon Road which was one of the roughest stretches of the trip. At no point on the entire trip was I concerned about getting stuck or not being able to get the Jeep and trailer over an obstacle. 

South Fork Clearwater River - North of Hungry Ridge
South Fork Clearwater River.
McComas Meadows Idaho
McComas Meadows from above.
Elk City Wagon Road - 6200 Ft.
Along the Elk City Wagon Road

After coming down to the Selway River I got to US Highway 12 and the Lochsa River. I took 12 East for about 60 miles to jump on to the Eastern end of the Lolo Motorway or FR 500. The Lolo Motorway follows the path of Lewis & Clark. It’s very interesting as there are signs posted along the way letting you know where the party camped and what occurred at specific spots. On this trip I did not remain on FR 500 long. I turned North on FR 581 at Cayuse Junction to head up Toboggan Ridge which would be tons of fun the next morning. I camped just North of the junction beside Cayuse Creek.

Selway River
The Selway River from FR 470 South of Lowell.
Lolo Motorway Sign
One of the many signs along the Lolo Motorway.
Spectacular View from the Lolo Motorway.
Cayuse Creek
Cayuse Creek
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