Day 1 – Idaho Off Pavement

Banks - Lowman Road, Deadwood Reservoir, Tyndall Meadows, Profile Gap, Big Creek.

To begin the trip I left Boise and topped off with fuel in Garden Valley. A few miles to the west I headed north on FR 555 headed to Deadwood Reservoir. This is where the GAIA GPS track begins that you see to the right. Right away this road climbs onto a ridge which provides great views and some really nice campsites, if it’s not too windy. You can see the sawtooth off to the East at a few points on this stretch. Deadwood reservoir is large and secluded but popular. It’s also possible to bring full size travel trailers in here from hwy 21. There are several campgrounds along the shore as well as single camp sites along the road.  

Deadwood Reservoir. Boise National Forest

From the reservoir I head north on Landmark- Stanley Road (FR 579).  After going over Deadwood Summit at 6840ft the road drops into Tyndall meadows which is a beautiful spot with some great camping areas. From there I went through the communities of Landmark and Yellow Pine before setting up camp near the headwaters of Big Creek just over Profile Gap. View the full day 1 GAIA GPS route for more details and photos! 

Tyndall Meadows Idaho
Tyndall Meadows - Boise National Forest
Campsite next to Big Creek on FR 340 just north of Profile Gap.
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