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Day 6 – Idaho Off Pavement

After going 200+ miles on day 5 that meant day 6 would get me to the end of this route. The day started winding along in Coeur D’ Alene National Forest on roads 412, 306 and 744.

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Day 5 – Idaho Off Pavement

Toboggan Ridge (FR 581) looks great on a map but in reality it is very overgrown with low visibility. There are some great viewpoints along the way though.

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Day 4 – Idaho Off Pavement

Day 4 began with the drive down from hungry ridge and across the South Fork of the Clearwater River. After a few minutes on highway 14 it was right back up again on FR 648 towards McComas Meadows.

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Day 3 – Idaho Off Pavement

On day 3 I continued on FR 340 over Warren Summit and into the town of Warren. Warren is sort of a living ghost town with several old abandoned buildings along side homes and businesses.

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Day 2 – Idaho Off Pavement

Day 2 began with a quick drive down to the Lick Creek Trailhead where I stopped to hike up to Lick Lake.

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Day 1 – Idaho Off Pavement

To begin the trip I left Boise and topped off with fuel in Garden Valley. A few miles to the west I headed north on FR 555 headed to Deadwood Reservoir.

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